Faces of Valor USA is a nonprofit organization raising money to provide scholarships and financial
assistance to those injured, or to children of those killed in the performance of their duty.


Local Men, Women, & Families
of Military, Police, & Firefighters
Seriously Injured or Killed
While Protecting Us!

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2015 Honoree, Marine Lance Cpl. Sean Adams

Marine Lance Cpl. Sean Adams Sean Adams grew up in Gainesville Georgia. Born on December 22, 1992, he was fighting for his life from the time he was delivered. Sean was born premature weighing 2.2 pounds. Sean always loved the Marines. At 17 he graduated high school six months early and went to Parris Island for boot camp in 2011. He then deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 with 1BN 8th marines to Helmand Province. On the 10th of February 2012 his life changed forever. He took his last steps on his own two feet. He stepped on an IED, the blast taking off both his legs, the pinky finger on his right hand and severed tendons so he can no longer rotate his right thumb. The explosion tore flesh from the underside of his right forearm and stripped away his bicep muscle. He laid for an hour in the field waiting for the Medevac. Once aboard the aircraft he soon lost consciousness and woke up 10 weeks later at Walter Reed. He started his journey through therapy. He then had to, unfortunately, retire from the Marines and return home to rebuilt his life. His goal now is to obtain a house and, one day, start a family. Sean is hoping to be a ROTC instructor and would like to continue to pursue a hobby of rebuilding performance cars.

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