History of the Car

Ted bought the 1931 Buick in 1985, spent two years having it restored, and drove it for years as his every day car. He had been thinking about doing something special with the car and one morning friends Beth & Steve Sammis came into Chick and Ruth’s Delly and told Ted that their son, Capt. USMC Benjamin W. Sammis, had been killed in Iraq. At that moment Ted knew what was to be done with the Buick. It would become a tribute to all the brave people who serve and protect our country. Ted has spent about 2 years and 300 hours rebuilding the car with the help of many other talented friends and his patient wife, Beth, to make his dream come true.

Now we are finally done. So if you like what you see, go to the donations page and make a pledge to allow The Faces of Valor USA to raise money for the Scholarships and financial assistance to the service men and women who have been injured in the performance of their duties & the families of the service men and women who have lost their lives while protecting us and providing safety and security to our American way of life.

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