2023 Honorees – SFC Logan Brokaw & Lt. Bill Shiflett

SFC Logan Brokaw

Logan Spent 18 years in the Army and was stationed in Hawaii where he deployed twice, once to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. After returning from Iraq in 2008 he moved to Fort Campbel KY where he started his time in Special Operations with 1st battalion 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment where he deployed multiple times as a Crewchief/Doorgunner. In November of 2018 Logan was involved in a Military Free Fall accident resulting in a permanent spinal cord injury and is a T11 paraplegic. After undergoing 3 major surgeries and a 2-month ICU stay, Logan was moved back home to VA where he recovered and completed physical therapy, first at the Richmond VA and then a private rehab facility. After almost 3 years of intense physical therapy Logan was medically retired and still lives in Virginia with his wife, son, and daughter.

Lt. Bill Shiflett

Baltimore police Lt. Bill Shiflett was shot in the line of duty in July 2019, when he and fellow officers were called to the Man Alive Methadone Clinic for reports of an active shooter. Shiflett was shot in his lower abdomen under his bulletproof vest.

Shiflett, 54, is a husband and father of two girls, who also have ongoing health issues. His oldest daughter was in a car accident in September and underwent hospital treatment. Lt. Bill Shiflett returned to duty and has just undergone another surgery because of complications and is looking for to going back on duty shortly.

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